A good cleanser and a well-stocked shelf of skin care products can go a long way,
but sometimes you need a little extra help to tackle your skincare concerns. Enter
high-tech at-home gadgets designed to enhance your current routine and make the
most of your favorite products permanent hair removal malaysia. From wands and face-shaped pods to under-eye
patches and what looks like a sci-fi hockey mask, these futuristic-looking tools—
some of which are best used with a professional, but all can be incorporated into
your regular beauty regimen—help fade dark spots, reduce fine lines, tighten pores,
lighten up melasma, reduce puffiness, and boost collagen.

8 High-Tech Beauty Devices To Level Up Your Skincare Game
A popular pick among dermatologists and facialists, this device’s rounded wands use
soft-wave microcurrent technology to stimulate your complexion and muscles,
giving it a lift for a firmer appearance. The company says the wands also promote
blood flow, boost hydration, and reduce puffiness. Simply massage your skin for five
minutes a day (or as directed), using the larger rollers on the cheek area and the
smaller ones around your eyes, to see results.
Another shopper-loved option, this device’s spinning aluminum oxide crystal-coated
disks scrub away dead skin cells and encourage natural cell turnover to improve
dullness, reduce oily buildup, and minimize the look of large pores. The product also
boasts anti-aging benefits thanks to its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.
Developed by NASA and later leveraged by the US Navy to speed wound healing,
LED light therapy is now a common ingredient in many at-home devices. Its red and
blue wavelengths penetrate down into the epidermis to work their magic, with red
light reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production while blue helps

keep blemishes at bay by killing bacteria and improving circulation. This LED light-
therapy mask and wand combo uses red and blue light to diminish fine lines,

improve radiance, and soothe the complexion while helping to heal existing
blemishes. It also works to reduce dark circles and brighten skin, while acupressure
points and cryo technology help relieve tension and blotchiness.

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A more budget-friendly alternative to the splurge-worthy PMD Personal Microderm
Pro, this tool’s vacuum suctioning helps increase blood flow and stimulate collagen
production for a tighter complexion, while its rotating metal head and silicone
bristles clear away dead skin and reduce oil. This product is available in several color
options to suit your complexion and has a special attachment that infuses skin-care
products into the top layer of the complexion, boosting their effectiveness.
While a solid cleansing routine is a must, if you want to take your regular face
washing to the next level, this shopper-loved product’s rounded sponge-like bristles
can dislodge debris and oils trapped in pores, while boosting absorption of serums.
The device also has an ion infusion head that can be used with your fave vitamin C
or hyaluronic acid-based products to help them penetrate deeper into the
While any of these devices can help with a range of skin-related issues, it’s always a
good idea to consult your aesthetician before trying any at-home gadgets that
exfoliate, massage, or puncture the face (like microneedling derma rollers). A pro
can also advise you on whether certain gadgets may conflict with other procedures

you’ve undergone and recommend appropriate treatments for your specific needs.